Principal's Pal

Principal's Pal 1.2

Task scheduling application for principals and teachers

How much time do you spend creating a conflict-free schedule each year? If you are like most principals, the answer is several days or even several weeks. Principal's Pal is here to turn a stressfull and lengthy ordeal into a simple and fast process.

With Principal's Pal the process is divided into four simple steps that in many cases will take less than half an hour. When Principal's Pal has all the information it needs, you can sit back and relax as it does the hard work for you. A few moments later, you will be ready to print schedules to give to your staff and students.

Keeps teachers happy

Principal's Pal allows you to set a minimum time that each teacher has every day uninterrupted, which allows them to count on a time of the day to tackle a longer or more difficult lesson.


Principal's Pal won't create a schedule that forgets to schedule a class for P.E., or schedules a class for Art when the teacher isn't available. It will even allow you to make sure that classes with too many students aren't scheduled for a special class that doesn't have enough room.

Easily updated

If something has changed, simply open up your original schedule with Principal's Pal and update the information. It will automatically create a new schedule for you.

Collaborative planning periods

A popular thing to do is to schedule special classes at the same time for teachers of the same grade level so that those teachers can collaborate. Principal's Pal will automatically do this for you.

Leaves time for more important things

Let's face it, being a school administrator is not an easy job, and time is always precious. Principal's Pal will give you several days or even weeks of your time back to you to do more important things.

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Principal's Pal


Principal's Pal 1.2

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